DemTools 2.0 Launch Livestream

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The NDItech team is proud to announce the launch of DemTools 2.0 - watch the livestream!

Technology has transformed politics and civil society in the 21st century, bringing citizens closer to their elected leaders. But change has not spread evenly across the globe. This technology is beginning to impact political change in places as diverse as Nigeria, Ukraine and Colombia.

The event will include keynote remarks by former Vermont Governor and NDI Board Member Howard Dean, who was a pioneer in the use of technology in U.S. politics. A panel discussion on the application of new technologies will include leaders from the USIP PeaceTech Lab, the White House Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Sunlight Foundation, Amazon Web Services, and NuCivic.

NDI will also unveil DemTools 2.0, which upgrades and expands NDI’s existing suite of tools for democracy and civil society, which have been deployed by 82 organizations in 16 counties, along with three new applications for managing government petitions, crowdsourcing community problems, and open data, mapping and visualization. DemTools are delivered with comprehensive training and support materials; and a recently published NDI guide, “Technology: A Planning Guide for Political Parties,” supplements DemTools 2.0 by providing practical advice on common pitfalls that political parties experience and potential path-ways for success when implementing technology projects.

December 9th, 2015 7:00 AM   through   1:30 PM